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Burnt Timber Art is pyrography - from the Greek “Pur” (fire) and “Graphos” (writing). I use this technique to craft wooden accessories, artworks and custom signage.
My ambition has been to create unique and beautiful products using the elements of wood and fire, and through them, offer a sense of grounding and connection to the natural world.

My Commitment:  Ethical and sustainable wood sourcing. Most of my products are created using upcycled or salvaged wood from areas close to my home in Muskoka, Ontario. By procuring wood in this manner I honor the trees from which this wood was harvested, using every bit and letting very little go to waste.

I operate from a small, rural workshop at my family home in Muskoka, Ontario where many windows allow for beautiful views of my big garden and surrounding forests which keeps me inspired. From what used to be a strictly solo creative process, with my latest endeavour into laser art, I welcomed the expertise of another local small business whose talent has helped to bring my vision to life.

 On Offer:  From humble beginnings making simple wooden pendants, Burnt Timber Art has grown in many directions. I offer my original art and jewelry pieces, custom signage, personalized wedding gifts, commemoration pieces and much more. 


    Meet the Artist:  Keri- Lyn - Founder, Designer & Creator, Freebird


I grew up on the very land where my studio now resides, on a parcel that was once part of my mother's family farm. Here, I grew up among the trees and lakes and was taught a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature. My connection to the land and wild places of Allensville is what gives my art it's character.

For a long while I lived out West and found myself on an adventure of a lifetime—snowboarding in the Rockies, travelling to many countries and experiencing natural beauty and diverse cultures across 5 continents.

 After relocating back to Muskoka in 2016, I created Burnt Timber Art.  It's been evolving ever since.

Over the years I've played with a variety of artistic mediums, and still do from time to time, though it is pyrography that I have chosen to focus as it is a skill my grandfather taught to me in my childhood and resonates with me the most.  His old woodburing kit is what I used for a time and a piece of his work still adorns a wall in our family cottage; a simple, yet meaningful reminder of my heritage and beginnings.